Below is a list of our currently active in game clans and guilds. As more form we'll be sure to include them! Feel free to reach out to the leadership involved if you are interested to joining the experience by clicking on the respective game boxes.


The FLX guild was formed originally as the Hand of Azeroth on the Shadowmoon-US server cluster for the release of Legion. Since then, the guild has branched out to Thrall-US to expand its progressive nature and joined the FLX Gaming communities.

World of Warcraft

Guild <FLX>
Servers - Thrall and Shadowmoon US

The FLX Diablo Clan formed after the release of Reaper of Souls, while still small in nature, the clan is looking for new members to grow and have fun. Many members from the WoW community also spend time over in D3, helping to expand the clan.

Diablo 3

Community Clan <FLX>

Other Games of Interest

The FLX community members enjoy playing and trying out all kinds of other titles. Below is a list of of these titles everyone is more than welcome to join in on.

Destiny 2


Dark Souls 3




Friday the 13th